During the summer in NYC there was a 20 car break-in. One of the cars had all the shirts/merch for my friend Mike and his music project Tall Tall Trees. I thought of how much I wished I could help him. Then it struck me! I print shirts! I picked up the phone and asked if he needed replacements ASAP.
This shirt is what we came up with within only a few days to get the blank shirts ordered, art drawn, and everything printed for his tour.
Mike wanted something kind of psychedelic looking. I also had an idea. Mike has a huge cred-beard. I thought it might be awesome if there was an inside print of his beard. Then fans could flip their shirts up when taking photos with him and share in his awesome beard look.
Here is a photo and a video of Kishi Bashi trying out the shirt’s inside beard print.
Also, here is an unused illustration of Mike in a very Calvin and Hobbes style. Tress imply a subtle look of three T’s that represent the initials of Tall Tall Trees.
Mike had me add full color to it for die-cut stickers.
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