Another collaboration of David Barnes illustration and my logos, layout, lettering. This time I might have actually done some minor illustrating, like, one of the blue ladies and some clouds. 

Without giving away too much of the magic I must introduce this album as a project that was evolving even past the point of turning it in. Somehow in the end all the people and forces involved met at a singular point called Innocence Reaches.

The consistent direction for this layout was always Bright Colors! The composition started as a very epic landscape flow by David Barnes from front to back cover. No real borders between them with a lot of action going on. By action I mean ACTION! In an 11th hour alteration we decided to rework the art into a more distinct front and back cover LP layout.

The logo for this album was inspired by Keiichi Tanaami’s “Good-By Mariyln” 
The vinyl LPs came in two double disc gatefold versions. An early bird edition with a translucent pink and translucent green record. Then also a standard version for stores and tour on opaque blue marble records.
Record Gatefold Jacket.
Detail of song titles on back cover.
Detail of credit lettering.

- - - -

Record available at Polyvinyl Records.

Photos via Polyvinyl Records courtesy of Chris Hassen.
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