Secretly designed during an of Montreal tour by the request of the tour manager.
I illustrated this at a midwest college campus gig hidden away in the school of music auditorium. The instructors invited me to watch their student recitals while I worked. The students were divided into a dozen bands that played the exact same song… for hours. To this day I can’t remember the song because I tried to hard to block it out while I was drawing. I’m pretty sure it was some jam rock song from the 70s.
While on the road the shirts were dropped shipped to the Halloween show in Tuscan AZ as a surprise for everyone.
The design was a for band and crew only. We wanted to look like a gang where ever we went on the road. This was printed on shirts, jackets and patches to place on everything.
Later a summer edition of the shirt was made with lighter colors. What I didn’t tell everyone was that there was a second layer printed with ultraviolet light sensitive ink. Anytime anyone walked in the sunlight a demon face in red with appear.
I requested they be handed out indoors. (wink)
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