This is the collection of merchandise for the of Montreal 2016 Fall Tour. I printed, arranged, and designed all the items collaborating with David Barnes and Brie Moreno.
This shirt is my solo design and main tour item.
Let’s Relate, a single from the album Innocence Reaches, was a reoccurring element on a lot of the merch items.
Let’s Relate butt print on American Apparel ladies’ undies.
My favorite merch item! A set of soft enamel pins.
Collaboration design from left to right.
A sweater design with illustration by David Barnes, Logos by me.
A second shirt design by Brie Moreno, Vaporwave logos by request of Kevin Barnes and designed by me.
And finally, a tote bag with art based on the album, Innocence Reaches.
The Korean text I illustrated is another reoccurring element on the merch. While Kevin Banes was on the asian tour we were mocking up designs and he requested this phrased placed on some of the items. I believe it is translated as, “Very Nice”
Also a couple shirt designs that didn’t make the final cut.
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