In 2009 working for a club in Florida I was asked by the venue owner to team up with their now popular Friday night dance night that had been around for almost a year. They wanted me to come up with a few ideas for handbills and posters.
Fast forward to 2015. I’ve since moved from Florida and the club Menace Beach as changed probably three or more times since. I am now very close friends with Chris who DJs and runs Menace Beach. Chris has informed me it’s time to let the dance night go and turn over the town to a new wave.
I really wanted to say farewell by designing a could of shirts for their last huge sold-put event. Once shirt commemorates the night in a tombstone with the years active and a tallboy beer. The Other shirt is the reoccurring skeleton mouse image used on posters int he form of an angel.
The weekend after the last event I made a sketch thanking everyone for the years of letting me draw pretty much whatever I wanted for a fun weekly dance night.
R.I.P. Menace Beach
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