After touring with Janelle Monáe for a few months in 2010 I was asked to design shirts for her upcoming tour and online merch store. The shirts were to be 2 to 3 ink colors and capture the excitement of her live show.
The first shirt is based on a similar face and signature shirt that was a high contrast image of Janelle Monáe. I illustrated a full body image of her doing the dance moves to her single, “Tight Rope”
The next shirt was a design based more on my comic book style. I had actually only asked to make two designs, but I made this one as a bonus design to satisfy my own needs. It was well received and printed.
The final shirt was actually passed on in favor of the more comic book look. I had really considered this to be the more classic concert shirt of the batch, but luckily, the Wondaland Arts Society is a little more forward thinking.
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