I had been working with Atom Smash's Managment on their design for past year getting them ready for their major label release on Jive / Sony. The label was going to take care of the CD layout, but by the managment's request, I was brought in to (in the nicest possible way I can say this and quote the email asking me) save this layour from a clip-art mess. The original wings and bombs looked like they had been taken out of a stock image catalog.
I wasn't totally comfortable with the subject matter of the photo, but I was commited and everyone involved was actually super nice and amazing; Sony, the band, the managment. I digitally painted the entire set of wings, applied actually metal textures to the sock image bomb they supplied, added the title to the bomb, gave the band's logo depth, and created textures/paint for the backgrounds. I was given five days to rebuild this layout from the ground up.
Here are the raw layout files for the release's inserts.
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