The Athens Cowboy Choir is a collection of Athens GA singer who perform classic western folk songs. The group features many well known faces from other area bands such as the Modern Skirts, of Montreal, the Glands, the Visitations, Elf Power, and the Shit Hot Country Band.
I was asked by the group to design a poster and magazine and newpaper ad for an upcoming show. The Cowboy choir wanted to the graphic to mimic old punk/hardcore fliers. The design was stitched together using 6 different photographs of the group, a mirrorball, the string lights of the 40 watt Club, the 40 Watt hanging bulb logo, and some found punk crowds.
The other performing acts names were just some goofy fonts I found, but the Choir’s name was hand drawn. I also created an old punk style skull mascot to accompany their name.
Here’s a printed 1/4 page ad from an Athens GA Flagpole Magazine the week of the concert.
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